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After 9 years of designing websites, we've learned that we don't make money unless you do. That's why people work with us. Our clients see immediate returns on their investment via increased lead quality, inbound traffic, and boosted sales. Let's build your empire.

Leverage Your Time

You have a company to run, and your time is precious. Don't waste it trying to design your website on your own. Do what you do best. Leave designing your website and promoting it to us. We stay on top of new technologies so you don't have to.

SEO And Google Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is a fancy way of saying "outrank your competition in Google" - and that's where you'll win. If you want to dominate in your industry, you need to claim that top Google spot. Competition is fiercer than ever, it's our job to get you there.

Professional Web Design

When it comes to designing websites, promoting them, and driving traffic to your business, it pays to work with professionals. Your brand is unique, and your business is the best at what it does. You're already awesome, we just help the right people find you.

Websites Fresh From The Oven

Your website is more important than your business card. It's more important than your handshake. These days, your website is probably more imporant than your face.

Your prospects judge your company in the first seconds they arrive on your homepage. That first impression, if done well, can charm people into doing business with you.

Our job is to make sure that first impression is perfect, because that's how your website turns prospects into paying clients.

Honest Grade Meats Website Design

Website Design for Honest Grade Meats

Client Testimonial:

"During my first meeting with Butter Web Design it was clear that they were the right choice. My website required a lot of moving parts, but they knew how to put everything in place to make it run smoothly. We're excited to be launching our business this summer and so glad to have Butter's team supporting us on the website side!"
- Alina Jebens, Owner, Honest Grade Meats, Otonabee Ontario

Motorhome Escapes Canada Website Design

Website Design for Motorhome Escapes Canada

Client Testimonial:

"As a Motorhome Rental Company, our priority is to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients. This relationship usually starts the moment the client visits the website - so ours had to be top notch. Butter Web Design built us a website we're very proud of, and that continues to develop and grow over the long term. It's true what they say - everything's better when you add Butter!"
- Tyson, Owner, Motorhome Escapes Canada, Barrie Ontario

Wood By Design Website

Website Design for Wood By Design

Client Testimonial:

"My company has grown significantly in the past 10 years, and we needed a new website to take our online marketing to the next level. The website that Butter designed for us is unrivalled in our industry. Not only that, but the team at Butter keeps coming up with ways to put emerging technology to work in our favour. This translates directly to our bottom line in ways our old website never could. "
- Derek Julian, Owner, Wood By Design, Douro-Dummer Ontario

Forbidden Pleasures Website Design

Website Design for Forbidden Pleasures

Client Testimonial:

"Prior to meeting Ryan I had worked with several web designers and was discouraged with my website not being finished. Everything changed when I hired Ryan. He not only did a great job on my website but continues to handle ongoing updates with speed and efficiency. My overall experience thus far has been top notch."
- Kristen Destounis, Owner, Forbidden Pleasures, Peterborough Ontario

Peterborough Ultimate League Website Design

Website Design for

Client Testimonial:

"The Peterborough Ultimate League hired Ryan to rebuild the website and it was a total success. He was engaged right from the first meeting and was a pleasure to deal with throughout the entire process. He was instrumental in reimagining how the website was laid out, as it had grown to be quite large and difficult to navigate in past years. The feedback we've been getting has been outstanding. Thank you for your outstanding efforts!"
- Jocelyne Stone, Operations Coordinator, Peterborough Ultimate Frisbee League, Peterborough Ontario

Horizon Family Naturopathic Clinic Website Design

Website Design for Naturopathic Clinic

Client Testimonial:

"I hired Butter Web Design to build as website for my new Naturopathic Clinic here in Peterborough, and they did a great job! I have the ability to make changes to the website myself, and they are always available to take care of updates when I don't have time. They also brought my attention to clever methods of building my monthly organic traffic, which has really helped us build our online presence. Thanks Butter!"
- Richa Grover, Naturopathic Doctor, Peterborough Ontario

Creative Landscape Depot Website Design

Website Design for Creative Landscape Depot

Client Testimonial:

"We got Butter Web Design to rebuild our website and had a great response from our customers and staff. A+ work - thanks guys! We also use them to update our site on a regular basis - as they offer incredible design and great service!"
- Jordan Ward, Owner, Creative Landscape Depot, Waterloo Ontario

Buckhorn Canoe Company Website Design

Website Design for Buckhorn Canoe Company Buckhorn Ontario

Client Testimonial:

"Butter Web Design built our website a few years ago and continue to maintain it today. They listened to my needs as a boutique canoe outfitter, and designed a custom shopping experience that helps me sell my items online. I've found Ryan at Butter to be prompt in handling my changes whenever I've needed them, and I'm always very satisfied with their work."
- Dick Persson, Owner, Buckhorn Canoe Company, Buckhorn Ontario

Cambium Consulting & Engineering Inc. Website Design

Website Design for Cambium Consulting and Engineering

Client Testimonial:

"Ryan at Butter Web Design went the extra mile to ensure the design of Cambium's new website met and exceeded our expectations. He is reliable and always available when you need help."
- Crystal Porteous, Marketing Coordinator, Cambium Inc., Peterborough Ontario

Leveque Bros Website Design

Website Design for Leveque Bros Road Construction

Client Testimonial:

"Butter Web Design rebuilt our website and made big improvements to how it looks and performs for us. It does a far better job of representing our company online, and saves our teams time by routing prospects to the correct representatives on our end."
- Dan Robinson, Leveque Bros, Bancroft Ontario

Birchview Design Website Design

Website Design for Birchview Design

Client Testimonial:

"I contacted Ryan about building me a website and he was able to meet that same day. I was impressed with his understanding of web design and marketing a business online, and was very pleased with both the quality and speed of his work. Ryan continues to maintain my website and is doing an excellent job so far!"
- Nancy Nickle, Owner, Birchview Design, Peterborough Ontario

Craig Containers Website Design

Website Design for Craig Containers

Client Testimonial:

"We were hesitant to hire Ryan because we didn't know him and his pricing was over our original budget for the project. But we also didn't want to pay for a cheaper website and then have to redo it in a year. Now that the website is complete, we can see why Ryan charged more - he put a lot of extra work into our website and delivered far more than we expected. For example, Ryan felt strongly that our manufacturing process sent a powerful message about the quality of our carts. So he showed up with recording gear and shot and edited our homepage intro video (which was well beyond the scope of the website itself). That video really makes us stand out and none of our competitors have anything like it."
- Roslyn Senior, Co-Owner, Craig Containers, Peterborough Ontario

Medgar Lighting & Controls Inc. Website Design

Website Design for Medgar Lighting and Controls inc

Client Testimonial:

"Ryan made the website building process incredibly easy and helped us to create a fresh, modern and more effective website. He helped us to achieve our goals and ideas for the wesbite while working within our budget. He offered valuable suggestions that will continue to enhance the user experience."
- Carley Haughey, Marketing & Project Coordinator, Medgar Lighting & Controls Inc, Burlington Ontario

TIF Group of Companies Website Design

Website Design for TIF Transportation Specialists

Client Testimonial:

"Ryan did an EXCELLENT job with our site. He hung in there with us through all the delays and created a beautiful layout. We are getting tons of great feedback."
- Tara S. Renaud, Vice-President, CFO, TIF Group of Companies, Ottawa Ontario

Buckham Transport Website Design

Website Design for Buckham Transport

Client Testimonial:

"After a lengthy search for the right designer, it was a relief meeting Ryan. His approach, creative ideas, and turn around are second to none. Butter Web Design helped us showcase our business in a whole new light, and we had fun doing it."
- Jason Hedges, CEO, Buckham Transport, Bailieboro Ontario

Triple T Holdings Ltd. Website Design

Website Design for Triple T Holdings Ltd.

Client Testimonial:

"Butter Web Design was extremely professional and friendly to work with. They do a great job with their design and were open to working with outside contributors. They took our specific ideas and were able to put them into action. Super happy with their work!"
- Carlie Russelle, Designer, Triple T Holdings Ltd., Peterborough Ontario

Car-Rizma Automotive Website Design

Website Design for Car Rizma

Client Testimonial:

"I really can't say how glad I am I went with Ryan and Butter Web Design. He not only nailed the site design (beyond what I would have wanted nor expected on my own) but is fantastic to deal with. They genuinely do listen and take what you want, and figure out how to translate that into a beautiful site that can stand out."
- Nathan Mills, Owner, Car-Rizma Motorsports, Peterborough Ontario

Conlin Premier Construction Website Design

Website Design for Conlin Premier Construction

Client Testimonial:

"We'd had less than ideal experiences with other web designers in the past, so we were a bit timid putting another big investment into our website. But our concerns were quickly put to rest. Butter Web Design really worked hard to understand exactly what we were trying to do, not only with the website, but with the business as a whole. Everything they did was in line with our central vision - to attract bigger and better clients, so our business could grow. We're now getting the results and business opportunities to more than cover our original investment in the website."

Otonabee Technical Services Website Design

Website Design for

Client Testimonial:

"Our website was quite dated when we contacted Butter Web Design to redo it. Our guys are just too busy to look after the website, so it's great having Butter do updates for us. We've been with them for years now, and very happy with the service they provide."
- Bev Packman, OTS Engineering, Peterborough Ontario

Anteo Canada Website Design

Website Design for Anteo Canada

Client Testimonial:

"Our group of companies has hired Butter Web Design for several projects now and they continue to do great work for us. It's convenient to be able to just send updates to Butter and have them keep everything up to date. This saves us a lot of time throughout the year."
- Cloe Lecours, Anteo Canada, Vars Ontario

Studio 1112 Agency Website Design

Website Design for Studio1112

Client Testimonial:

"We were looking for a designer to make a simple, clean website that would do a better job of reflecting the high-end work we do. Butter Web Design delivered above and beyond our requirements."
- Wayne Thompson, Partner, Studio1112, Toronto Ontario

Kawartha Courier Website Design

Website Design for Kawartha Courier

Client Testimonial:

"Ryan rebooted the Kawartha Courier website recently and he has been a pleasure to work with. The new website is great and is already getting action and rating high on Google. Ryan is tuned in to current web trends and checks in often with ideas and strategies. We are looking forward to developing our working relationship with Ryan and Lia as we move forward in our web marketing campaign with Butter Web."
- Gerry Stevens, WTW Americas Inc., Peterborough Ontario

Your website needs to sell. If it isn't making you money, it's not doing its job. By association, we make it our business to make sure your website is driving growth for your company.